Winter Catering

tai curry bestWe pride ourselves on providing a unique catering experience, as seasoned skiers we know how important it is to recharge and refuel after a hard day on the slopes.

As a result we have put together what we feel provides all the nutritional benefits of a balanced diet and the flavour and taste that leaves you satisfied and energised.
Our menu has been carefully worked out to provide variety, flavour, balance and familiar meals that all the family can enjoy. All our food is prepared on site using only the best fresh ingredients but without the fuss and limited portion size offered by some other chalets.

cookiesAll are meals are child friendly and we can cater for vegetarians.

Our Breakfasts!
Breakfast comprises of fresh bread, variety of cereals, porridge, fresh fruit and tea and coffee throughout your stay.

Off the Slopes!
When you get back from the slopes there will be tea, coffee and biscuits. The three course evening meal for 5 evenings starts at 7pm to allow you to refuel when you need it most.

Wine with your meals:
A local RED and WHITE wine is provided with every evening meal, we are careful to select the best local wines from the Savoie region and we hope that our wine selections get the same appreciation that we have for them. That’s what makes us unique and why once you visit us you’ll not want to go anywhere else.

  • Sunday:  Flapjack de Huez
  • Monday:  Lemon Drizzle Cake
  • Tuesday:  Pic Blanc Chocolate Brownies
  • Wednesday:  Savoie Biscuit
  • Thursday: Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Friday:  Banana Cake  Sarenne Style

Our Menu

Starter:  Vegetable Soup
Main Course:  Beef Bourginon
Dessert:  Brioche Bake

Starter:  Mushroom Bruschetta
Main Course:  Thai Chicken Curry
Dessert: Apple Crumble

Starter:  Goats Cheese Tart
Main Course: Beef Chilli & Rice
Dessert: Cheese Cake

Our chalet hosts night off! &
Your opportunity to sample one of the fabulous ADH restaurants

Starter:  Tomato Bruschetta
Main Course:  Savoie Spaghetti Bolognese
Dessert:  Rice Pudding

Our chalet hosts night off! &
Your opportunity to sample one of the fabulous ADH restaurants

Starter: Tomato Soup
Main Course: Thyme & Lemon Chicken
Dessert:  Chocolate Pots

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