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There is so much to do in Alpe d’Huez that 1 summer wont be nearly long enough to have a go at everything.  In fact 2 or 3 summers wouldn’t be either!!!


Alpe d’Huez features 150 climbing routes on the cliffs of Lac Besson (2200 metres), exposed west.

These cliffs, which were first known for their ice falls form a great playground for beginner rock climbers as well as experts.
Composed of rock faces 30 metres to 120 metres high, the 150 routes of various lengths are located in 7 sections.

Alain Roche and Claude Vigier, two high mountain guides are responsible for creating the routes, putting Alpe d’Huez on the map as a referenced climbing area.


Via ferrata (invented by the Italians in the mountains of the Dolomites) is a mountain route which is equipped with fixed cables, staples, ladders, and bridges.

Via ferrata area

Alpe d’Huez offers the Gorges de Sarenne via ferrata. 2 routes start from the bottom of the Chalvet lift and arrive 200 metres higher on the road of the Sarenne pass.
The first route (beginners level) can be done in 2 hours. The second route is more difficult but can also be done in 2 hrs. You can also enter or exit in the middle.

Check out Via Ferrata Alpe d’Huez to see a video of the ascent.

Via Ferrata Sara

Via Ferrata – Alpe d’Huez


The network of lifts makes it possible to vary the walks and hiking circuits. The mountain guide suggests theme treks for a better introduction to the site, its wildlife, flora, and life in the high mountain pastures.

Route guide for sale at Alpe d’Huez Tourism.


The Grandes Rousses massif offers a lot of hike itineraries, accessible to everyone, starting from the resort, or using the summer cable car network.


There are several fitness centres and spas / pools in the resort, all can be used during the summer and winter.


There are 2 exceptional White Water Rafting venues:  Venosc & La Grave – both a short 30 minute drive away.

With the glacial snow melt the rivers in the valley bottom provide exhilarating rafting experiences and cater for families & the more adventurous / sporty descents, guaranteed to get a SMILE on your face.  We have rafted these rivers as a family and can give you 1st Hand Feedback rather than your typical ‘glossy brochure bumf’.  The rafting is superb and should definitely be a MUST DO ACTIVITY when here in the summer!


There are also a host of other activities that can be booked from the tourist information centre as well as an organized children’s summer camp, that provides daily supervised outdoor activities.

Others sports:

  • Archery
  • Summer Luge
  • Paragliding
  • Indoor climbing wall
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Ice skating
  • Horse riding Canyoning
  • The list is endless!!!!
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