Alpe d’Huez Ascent

The ‘Mythical Ascent’ of Alpe d’Huez is a true King of the Mountains Time Trial.  The record stands at 38 minutes – Marco Pantani, please note that the exact times are questionable because since they first started recording official times they altered the starting point from the ’round-a-bout 700 metres before the start’ to the NOW OFFICIAL START which is marked on the road with road markings and the signpost.  Secondly most of the pre 2010 times are tarnished by the ‘drug era’, but there are plenty of clean ride times around the 40 minute mark and so this is the benchmark for the very best in the world.  So why not pit yourself against the very best!

Calculate your Average Power Output          Average Power Output up the Alpe d’Huez Ascent

Watch Alpe d’Huez DVD

Watch Alpe d’Huez BBC Short DVD
power calculations made on the assumption each riders bike equalled 9kg)

Our previous guests…

Sara ADH Ascent LOW RES
Sara Ferguson
Age:  44          Wt:  50kg
Time: 58 Minutes
Ave Power: 207 watts
Target: To win the annual run up ADH in a time of 55 minutes!  More training required then!”
Tim ADH Ascent LOW RES
Tim Ferguson
Age: 44   Wt:  83kg
Time:  1 hour 10 minutes
Ave Power: 255 watts
Target: Hit the hour mark!  Tim needs to increase his average power output to 295 watts.
Dave Milner ADH Ascent
Dave Milner
Age:  45  Wt:  72kg
Time:  1 hour 26 mins
Ave Power:  204 watts
Target:  To buy a new bike without Nik noticing 🙂
Jon ADH ascent
Jon Robinson
Age: 32           Wt: 73kg
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Ave Power: 165 watts
Target: To quote Jon “In the words of Sherpa Tenzing – We’ve done the bugger”
 Steve Banks ADH ascent
Steve Banks
Age:  50          Wt:  66kg
Time: 58 Minutes
Ave Power: 242 watts
Target:  Wants to hit 55 minutes
needing a power output of 257
watts.  In his words “I’ll get there
when the planets align and EPO is legitimised”
Ian Blacktop
Age   Wt
Time:  1 hour 8 mins (inc
3 mins in wrong direction)
Ave Power:
 Cat Podium ADH
Cat Ferguson
Age:  9  Wt:  31kg
Time:  1 hour 56 mins
Ave Power:  66 watts
Target:  1 hour 45 mins in
summer 2016
Zoe Aug 15
Zoe Hopkins
Age:  42          Wt:  60kg
Time: 1 hour 50 Minutes
Ave Power:  121 watts
Target:  In her words
“Do it again on 10 beers!”
Mick ADH ascent
Mick Ellerton
Age: 32           Wt: 74kg
Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Ave Power: 167 watts
Target:  Happy with 1hr 30min for my first run at it… Would like to drop 10 minutes off it next go.
Jon ADH ascent 2
Jon Watson
Age:  38        Wt:  82kg
Time:  1 hour 13 minutes
Ave Power:  241 watts
Target: “I couldn’t find the Muff Diving written on Bend 11……I searched & searched high & low”
Ursula Pool ADH ascent
Ursula Pool
Age:  42          Wt:  55kg
Time: 1 hour 37 Minutes
Ave Power: 140 watts
Target:  Just a bit more training & I’ll have Wiggo on the run!!!
Ben Fanshawe ADH ascent
Ben Fanshawe
Age:  11        Wt:  40kg
Time:  2 hours 2 minutes
Ave Power:  77 watts
Kirk Fansawe ADH ascent
Kirk Fanshawe
Age:  46        Wt:  84kg
Time:  1 hour 20 minutes
Ave Power:
Nik Nak ADH podium
Nik Milner
Age: 42           Wt:  60kg
Time:  1 hour 47 minutes
Ave Power:  124 watts
Target:  To not fall off her bike and to do 6 ascents in 1 day!
Jayne Watson
Age:  45        Wt:  66kg
Time:  1 hour 30 minutes
Ave Power:  158 watts
Target:  “It was hell but worth it….”
Chris Little ADH ascent
Chris Little
Age:  48          Wt:  66kg
Time: 1 hour 14 Minutes
Ave Power: 186 watts
Target: None given, so we’ll assume Chris just wants to beat Steve, maybe requiring a new shiny shiny bike 🙂
Wilf Roberts
Age:  11        Wt:  40kg
Time:  1 hour 58 minutes
Ave Power:
Helena Roberts
Age: 10           Wt:  35kg
Time:  1 hour 55 minutes
Ave Power:
Target:  OUR FIRST RUNNER – what an awesome effort!!!
Sara Ferguson
Age:  46        Wt:  50kg
Time:  1 hour 55 minutes
Ave Power:
Target:  OUR SECOND RUNNER – she kept up with Helena!!
Cat Ferguson
Age:  10          Wt:  35kg
Time: 1 hour 43 Minutes
Ave Power:  watts
Target: To take as much time off next year!!)

Wilf Roberts
Age:  12          Wt:  40kg
Time: 1 hour 43 Minutes
Ave Power:
Target: Awesome effort.  He ‘buried’ himself in VERY HOT conditions.

Cat & Helena
Age:  11          Wt:  36kg
Time: 2 hours
Ave Power:  watts
Target: They took it easy & ran together.  It was very hot though!

Cat Ferguson
Age:  14          Wt:  49kg
Time: 57 Minutes 40 seconds
Ave Power:  193 watts

Target: Sub 1 hour – tres bien

Tim Ferguson
Age:  47          Wt:  76kg
Time: 1 hour 05 Minutes
Ave Power:  watts
Target: Still the ELUSIVE hour mark!   Bugger!!
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