Snowboard Camps In The French Alps

Snowboard camps in the French Alps, Alpe d’Huez improve your snowboarding technique & performance, master some new tricks and shred the mountain like never before!

Mountain Chalet and Masterclass Snowboarding have teamed up to create a fun new snowboard camp based in Alpe d’Huez France. For £750 you will get food and accommodation for the week, as well as 5 days professional snowboard coaching.

Snowboard camps are our passion, shred the mountain, ride the steeps,
bumps and drops or carve the piste like a wizard.

Snowboard camps are our passion, shred the mountain, ride the steeps, bumps and drops or carve the piste like a wizard.

Saturday 4th – 11th January 2019
A beginner group, as well as an advanced group, will run over the same week. Whether coming alone, in a couple, or with friends, you will be be joining other riders for an unforgettable week of shredding! Perhaps you want to introduce someone to snowboarding, but also wish to develop further as a rider yourself, we have you covered.

The Advanced Group is aimed at riders who have been snowboarding in the mountains before. You are already happy cruising most of the pistes but probably haven’t had much, if any, formal coaching. We will first look at the core fundamentals of good snowboarding, and from these building blocks, develop your technique further. From here we can then apply these skills across a variety of conditions over the whole mountain, looking into all aspects of snowboarding, working on Carving, Steep Terrain, Freestyle, and Off Piste.

The Beginner Group is aimed at First Time Snowboarders. What better place to learn than in the mountains?  Appropriate terrain will be picked for you from day one and by learning the right way, straightaway, you won’t be picking up any bad habits. You should expect to gain basic board control on day one, and then progress to explore most of the mountain by the end of the week.  If you’ve done a lesson or two at a snowdome in the UK, and don’t mind spending the first day refreshing the basics, then this group will also work for you!

Snowboard Camps in the French Alps

“The Alpe d’Huez Snowboard Camp is designed to bring like-minded riders together. Come & sign up for our French Alpine Snowboard Camp and start shredding like a wizard”

Snowboard Camps in the French Alps: Whats included?


5 days of 3 hour coaching by Malcolm Moore – BASI Level  4 ISTD Qualification – the highest qualification possible.  Learn to shred with the best!

Beginners – 9.30am – 12.30pm
For the first day the beginners group will start first, so as to safely learn the proper techniques to control the board, and then practice in the afternoon.
Advanced – 1pm – 4pm
Get your legs back in the morning, ready to start coaching after lunch. We will begin by looking at effective posture on the snowboard, and the main movements needed to properly turn the board.

Advanced – 9.30pm – 12.30pm
Developing upon yesterdays session, we will look how the same fundamental techniques work together, and can be adapted to work in various conditions across the mountain.
Beginners – 1pm – 4pm
We will continue to develop solid board control on the heel and toe edge.

Advanced – 9.30pm – 12.30pm
Using the new techniques, we shall begin to look into more advanced riding, exploring carving, steep terrain, and off piste. There will also be a chance to have some runs filmed, we can then look into these in a video analysis session in the evening.

Day Off!

Advanced – 9.30pm – 12.30pm
Today we will look at freestyle, in the park and across the whole mountain. Whilst park is not everybody’s thing, freestyle encompasses a much broader spectrum of riding. From eurocarves to butters, sidehits and natural drops, freestyle doesn’t have to just be sliding boxes and hitting kickers!
Beginners – 1pm – 4pm
The progression continues! By now you will be confident on your board, we will start to look at more advanced riding techniques such as carving.
There will be an optional off piste talk in the evening, covering the basics of avalanche awareness and for safely riding off piste. Also we will practice avalanche rescue techniques, using a transceiver, shovel and probe. Both groups are welcome to attend!

Advanced – 9.30pm – 12.30pm
Off Piste Friday! Following from last nights talk, we will have an off piste day. Snow conditions will dictate what we are able to do here today. The morning could be spent doing anything from riding in the backcountry, to honing the proper technique for riding powder, or how to safely ride off piste and use avalanche equipment correctly!
Beginners – 1pm – 4pm
Whether it is conquering your first black run, riding some off piste, or hitting your first jump, today we will achieve those goals! A fun day riding across the whole mountain, and then some drinks to celebrate a great week!

Snowboarding Accommodation In The French Alps

French Alps Snowboard CampsMountain Chalet provides the best possible venue for relaxing after a hard days shred. Chill in the hot tub (overlooking the famous 21 hairpins), soothe tired legs in the sauna, kick back and enjoy full SKY TV – with every channel going, make the most of the WiFi whilst your evening meal is made for you by our experienced and knowledgeable chalet hosts. Take a look at our chalet photos page.

Our cuisine – cooked & continental breakfast, tea/coffee & freshly baked cakes off the slopes and 3 course evening meals with wine each evening.

Snowboarding Instructor Malcolm Moore

Malcolm Moore holds the BASI Level 4 ISTD qualification. This is the highest level attainable through BASI, the British Association of Snowsports Instructors. He also holds a French Carte Pro License.

Malcolm began teaching 9 years ago on his home ‘mountain’ of Hemel Hempstead. He has since taught in Canada and New Zealand, but now teaches and resides year round in Alpe d’Huez. Having spent 7 winters in ‘ADH’ Malcolm knows the mountain intimately; which slopes are the best for getting a low carve on, where to ride powder in a whiteout, or the best zone for dropping cliffs, he has you covered!

French Alps Snowboard Camps - Further Information

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Snowboard Camps in the French Alps

French Alps Snowboard Camps – Whats Not Included

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