Mega Farthing ~ Megavalanche

The Mega Farthing has been designed and built to specifically race in the 2019 Megavalanche, hence its name “the Mega Farthing”. It is the first Penny Farthing to race in the Megavalanche and possibly one of the very first soft tail Penny Farthing’s around the globe.

An incredibly unique machine, the Mega Farthing comes with a free ride hub on the front wheel, unlike an original Penny Farthing which was a fixed wheel affair. It would be close to impossible to ride let alone race the Megavalanche on a fixed wheel bike.

Other unique parts to the Mega Farthing include a second set of pedals – located near the back of the bike. These have two purposes – they enable the rider to mount the bike when setting off. The Mega Farthing, just like its predecessor is very tall and would usually need either a step or an assistant to help mount the seat. The second purpose is to allow the rider to ‘transition’ their weight to the back of the bike on steep descents.

The Megavalanche is the worlds premier downhill enduro race, not for the feint hearted it involves racing extremely steep descents including the Sarenne Glacier, which is a black ski run in winter. Once the racers exit the glacier they then have another 25km of extremely steep descents on rough, loose and sharp rock and black downhill MTB trails.

Moving further back, the Mega Farthing comes with a rear suspension unit, although not quite the amount of suspension utilised by a standard enduro or downhill bike, it gives some level of cushioning for the rider.

An enormous 36 inch front wheel is accompanied by a teeny tiny 20 inch rear wheel. The “double ‘S’ frame” has been designed to keep with the traditional Penny Farthing curves and shape but also providing that extra little bit of strength required for the more grungy riding experienced in the Megavalanche.

The Mega Farthing
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