Fancy Dress

Have a fun day on the slopes in fancy dress.  Have a look at our range of Animal Costumes – available for FREE.

Animal / Size

1 X Monkey (Singe) Children’s 6-10yrs
1 X Crocodile (Crocodile) Children’s 6-10yrs
1 X Pig (Cochon) Children’s 6-10yrs
1 X Giraffe (Girafe) Children’s 6-10yrs
1 X Pikachu Children’s 6-10yrs
1 X Pink Stitch Adult Small
1 X Cheshire Cat Adult Small
1 X Cow (Vache) Adult Medium
1 X Tiger (Tigre) Adult Medium
1 X Duck (Canard) Adult Medium

2 x Pig (Cochon) Adult Large
1 X Cock (Coq) Adult Large
1 X Rabbit (Lapin) Adult Large
1 X Bee (Abeille) Adult Large
1 X Eeyore (Baudet) Adult Large
1 X Zebra (Zebre) Adult Large
1 X Spyro the Dragon Adult X Large
1 X Dinosaur (Dinosuare) Adult X Large
1 X Kangaroo (Kangourou) Adult X Large

So you too can have a fun day on the slopes or look like a wally (depending upon your point of view)!

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