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Gill Smith

From: Huddersfield via Gosport
Likes: Eating, gardening, live music, reading, riding (Western now)
Sport: Used to be golf, now international rugby
Favourite film: The Commitments
Musical Artist: Fleetwood Mac, Texas, Simply Red, Eurythmics, Adele – depends on my mood!
Would love to be: Young again, knowing what I know now!
Worst moment in life: Age 8 being told that my drawing of a fox looked nothing like by my teacher! Scarred for life!

Roger Profile Photo

Roger Jackson

From: Birmingham via Lee on Solent
Likes: Sking, sport, the outdoors, curry
Sport: Rugby union and still play from my armchair
Favourite film: Forest Gump
Musical Artist: Elton John and Simon and Garfunkle
Would love to be: Comfortably independent
Worst moment in life: Leeds losing the 1970 cup final

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